I Am A Grown Up Now or (How My Parents Will Never Let Me Be One)

For anyone reading this blog for the first time, let me break it down for you.  I am married to a wonderful man.  We live in a one bedroom apartment in downtown Statesvegas, and I watch a toddler named Cupcake during the day.  Apparently, being in my 20’s, married, and living on my own is not enough proof for my parents that I am a responsible adult.

I blame facebook.

My dad joined facebook a few months ago.  I added him as my friend because I love him and I wanted him to have friends.  I doubt many of my dad’s friends are on facebook.  In the short time that my father has been my friend on facebook, I have gotten in trouble with my parents twice.

This last time was the one that kind of pushed me over the edge, to the point where I almost considered deleting my father as a friend.

Let me explain something first.  I was brought up by a woman who would scare me to death about being kidnapped or raped.  I was brought up to be aware of my surroundings, never go out alone at night, travel in pairs, and taught how to gouge a person’s eyes out (You take your thumbs, place them against the nose, and push inward toward the tear ducts.  From there they pop right out; thankfully, I don’t know that from experience).  I was brought up to never give information about myself on the internet, and even on my facebook page there is limited information about me.  That’s not just a precaution to keep identity theft at bay, but I just don’t like people knowing every little detail about me without making any effort on their part.  There are few people who know me really well, and they made an effort and therefore deserve to know me.

I was a good kid growing up.  I never got in trouble.  I never caused trouble.  I didn’t go to crazy parties, and in college, when I attended them, it was as the designated driver.  I’ve never smoked.  I’ve never tried drugs, and I have never been drunk.

I made a joke on my facebook status about never sneaking out of the house as a teenager, but sneaking out of the house to get coffee as an adult because Hunny was taking a nap and I wanted some coffee.  Hunny thought that was hilarious.  The funniest part was that I was sneaking out of the house mid-morning on a Saturday.  10:53am to be exact.

Who Would Have Thought That Coffee Would Get Me In Trouble?

At my family’s Fourth of July get together, my dad randomly grabs my arm as I’m walking away from the table, and said, “We’re going to have to talk later about getting coffee at 10:30 at night.”  I had no idea what he was talking about.  It took me a while to understand where he got that from.  My dad embarrasses me over something that he has no idea about, which wouldn’t have bothered me as much except that my father-in-law did the same thing the night before.  So, I guess I had some residual hurt that carried over to that moment.

Thankfully, Hunny brought our laptop because he wanted to work on some projects while we were over there.  I got on facebook and proved that it was not the middle of the night when I “snuck” out of the house.  Everything is time stamped, thank God.  I even showed the 10:53am to my mother.

“We should have known that you wouldn’t have put on the internet that you were going to be alone at night in Statesvegas after being raised by us.”



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