Opportunity Knocks or (Will I Take a Chance?)

The Writer’s Store is having another Industry Insider Screenwriting Contest.  In this contest, they give you a logline, a one to two sentence story description, and ask you to write the first fifteen pages on your take for the screenplay.  The last time this was offered, I was less than interested.  The logline was about four guys who wanted to have one more bachelor bash and made up a fake friend to pull the wool over their wives eyes.  That is a movie I would begrudgingly rent and watch with Hunny, but not a movie I would want to work on.  Even as an extra.

This logline really hooked me:

After waking to find his wife dead in their backyard, a man conducts his own investigation, and uncovers the hidden life of a woman he thought he knew.

Yes.  This is definitely something with which I could work.  I mean, I grew up on these kinds of movies.  It speaks to the paranoia that my mother so lovingly instilled in me (single tear), and I have some really cool ideas for it.

The only question is: Will I do it?  Will I put myself out there, risking time and brain power, to possibly be dropped to the ground and negative $50 in my bank account?  I have fears.  I entered a short story contest several years ago with one of what I considered my best stories.  I received it back with some pretty bleak notes, and I was kind of crushed about it.  Unfortunately, I think that if you aren’t a finalist you do not get any feedback to know why they didn’t like your story, which would leave me puzzled and wondering “what’s wrong with me” and “why didn’t they like it?”

Inexplicably, I think I have both fear of failure and fear of success.  I think that is why I procrastinate.  I’m afraid of being a “loser” and afraid of what being a “winner” will mean – more work, more expectations to possibly fail, etc.  But if I were looking at it from my “six months to live experiment” lenses, I would say who cares if I win or lose?  I tried.

What I must do and what I hope to do is rely on the Lord to vanquish my fears and take a chance.  Because:

For God has not given us a spirit of fear, but of power and of love and of a sound mind.  2 Timothy 1:7

So I am going to carve out some time away from Cupcake and Hunny today to work on this small step towards realizing my dream.

This is why I can't write with Cupcake around


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