It’s Not Our Anniversary Yet or (Top Ten Reasons I Love Hunny)

Kendra from Southern Disposition dedicated her blog to her seventh wedding anniversary to her husband Eric.  It is an adorable love letter and declaration of love to her husband, and I had to share it with Hunny.  After hearing all the ways this guy is awesome, it made Hunny feel less than awesome.  He thought I didn’t think he was good enough and he let his insecurities get in the way of our day.

Well, let me tell you something.  My Hunny is beyond awesome.

Top Ten Reasons I LOVE Hunny

  1. He sings songs to me and about me.  When I was younger and dumber  naive, I wanted to meet and fall in love with a musician.  I would be his muse and he would write chart topping love songs that would inspire the world to believe in love again.  Instead, I have a husband who sings about our love to me.  I am the only one who gets to hear these precious songs (Unless you’re in our apartment while he takes a shower.  You can hear people talking on the street in our apartment.  I’m serious.), which makes them all the more special.
  2. He communicates with me.  Even on days like today when it seems like we’re both on the wrong page about what the other one said or wants to do, he points it out.  He wants to understand me and he wants me to understand him.
  3. He shares with me.  I know his aspirations, hopes, dreams, and fears.
  4. He trusts me.  That is probably the reason I know all of his hopes and dreams.  He knows that I won’t embarrass him by sharing something he doesn’t want others to know.  I have bragged on him many times about his accomplishments, and he was a little embarrassed, but in a good way.
  5. He is humble.  He is beyond talented.  He is so blessed.  He’s a writer and a self taught artist.  He also taught himself how to play guitar.  But if you met him, you’d never know these things because he never brags about himself.

    One of My Favorites of His Paintings

  6. He is proud of me.  Whenever I am being overly and needlessly critical of myself, he reprimands me with kindness and compassion.  He gently reminds me who I really am.
  7. He can make a steak like nobody’s business.  When we go out to a restaurant, I never get steak because I know that I can get a better steak at home from my man.
  8. He is loyal.  Not only to me, but to sports teams and athletes.  He is not a fair weather friend or fan.  He has been a Phoenix Suns fan since he was a little boy (Charles Barkley was on the team then).  He is still a Steve Nash fan even after this snub…

    Hunny holding an orange shirt as Steve Nash runs past

  9. He loves my family and my family loves him.  It makes life so much more fulfilling when your family is close with the family you grew up in.
  10. He loves God.  He loves God more than he loves me.  That is really important because I will fail him.  I will and have hurt his feelings and be insensitive, but God will never let him down.  Since Hunny’s first love is so strong and so unwavering, it takes the pressure of being perfect off our relationship.  He doesn’t look for his identity through our love or marriage.  He knows who he is in his relationship with God.  Our love is just the icing on the cake.
Today is not our anniversary.  Today is not Valentine’s Day.  There is no better day than today to make sure Hunny knows that he is special and loved.

3 thoughts on “It’s Not Our Anniversary Yet or (Top Ten Reasons I Love Hunny)

  1. This is beyond adorable! It really made me think about what really matters in a relationship. I’ve been thinking that I’ve wanted a movie like love life, this has really put some perspective on things and I really needed that, thanks and you seem very lucky!

    Molly Brew

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