Saboteur or (Put Down the Bag of Candy Bars)

You don’t know this because you have never seen me, but I have lost 21 pounds since last August.  I have six pounds to go to be my goal weight, and I want to lose it before my birth month, June.

Like every other American, I went to Target after Easter to see if there was anything I could get on sale for next year.  Target never fails me.  They had an aisle of Easter three days after the holiday full of 50-75% off.  The majority of it was candy.  I thought, “Oh, I’ll buy some chocolate for treats and freeze something for next year.”  Have you heard of that, too?  Freezing chocolate for the next year?  I’m doing it.  I thought I’d start out small with bunny shaped Milky Ways, and if it works out, I’ll freeze more chocolate candies.  Anyway, I bought the Milky Ways for freezing, Jelly Bellys for Hunny, and a bag of bite sized candy bars.  Simple.  Not a big deal.

Two days later there are no candy bars left.  I don’t know why I thought that I could handle having tiny candy bars out just hanging around.  I mean, they were 25, 45, and 50 calories a piece.  The serving size was five, so I thought if I just eat one, it would not be a problem.  The problem with tiny candy bars is that they are tiny.  You have to eat at least two to get candy bar taste in your mouth.  The other problem is that I thought since they were so low on calories a piece, then eating eight spread out during the day would be ok.  No, it’s not.  You can eat eight during the day, but not when you want to lose six pounds.  When you want to lose six pounds, you shouldn’t have chocolate in your house tempting you.  At least, I shouldn’t.  You can handle it.  I cannot!


2 thoughts on “Saboteur or (Put Down the Bag of Candy Bars)

  1. Don’t give up!!! Setting goals is not always easy, achieving results can be even harder. 27 pounds is a lot… to gain or lose depending on who you are.

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