Generosity or (How to Embarrass Yourself Without Really Trying)

I’ve been taking care of Cupcake, a 15 month old girl, during the day. Cupcake and I have a great time together. The only thing about taking care of a 15 month old is that they come with a lot of baggage. I’m talking sippy cups, special spoons, special food, pacifier wipes, pacifier holders, diaper bags, baby wipes, car seats, strollers, etc. If everyone could think up one product that was baby related, we’d all be millionaires.

There’s a coffee shop around the corner from where I live, and I really needed coffee. There wasn’t any in the house and I was tired. It is amazing how much energy one needs to take care of a small person, not including the energy needed to maintain. I thought instead of loading up Cupcake in the stroller with all her stuff, I’d just hold her in my arms and walk over there. I put four dollars in my pocket, and we trekked around the corner.

As I was waiting in line, there was an older man behind us who chatted with me and with Cupcake. The mochas there are $3.50, so I knew I had plenty of money. I must have ordered the wrong thing or she rang up a different item because the total was $4.32. I scrounged in my pocket to find more money. There was none. On top of that, Cupcake was tired of being held and started to squirm out of my hands. The man behind me gave the barista a dollar for me. I thanked him profusely. I didn’t know his name and he didn’t ask me to pay him back. It was a humiliating experience that made me thankful for others.

A stranger paying for my coffee made me think of Christ paying for my sins on the cross. It makes me think about what Jesus did for us. He didn’t have to die. But He did. He rose again on the third day giving us hope for tomorrow. He loves us like nobody’s business, and I think we can let that get overshadowed by the bad things in this world. No matter what happens around us, His love is the one thing that remains. It is the one thing that never changes. His love is generously bestowed on us. Bask in that love today!


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