Hello Newman!

Ok, here’s the deal.  My goal this year is to finish a screenplay.  A more lofty goal is to finish a screenplay by the Great American Pitchfest.  I heard about it on a screenwriting podcast two years ago.  The first year, I couldn’t go.  Last year, Hunny got jury duty and by the time he heard back that they were freeing him this time, it was too late.  This year, I would really love to go.  But first, I need a finished script to tag along for the ride.

I have four story ideas that have been bouncing around my head for a while that I want to get on paper.  The first year that I couldn’t go to the Great American Pitchfest, I tried and failed to finish Story Number One.  I left that one on the back burner because there were some stray lines that I couldn’t get back together and straighten up.  I am still not sure if that story is better told as a movie or a web series.  That is a problem with stories.  They aren’t always what they seem.  Last year, I didn’t work on any screenplays.  This year will be different, and is already different.

I think that this could be beneficial to anyone.  Really!  Let me tell you.  The Writer’s Store shared Jerry Seinfeld’s method.  Every year, he takes a desk calendar and every day that he writes new material, he marks it with an X.  His motivation is to keep the chain going.  The longer the chain of X’s the more he wants to keep it going.  It is a visual of how much you have actually done, too.  I started doing this last month, and I haven’t keep a chain going, BUT I know how much I’ve written.  I can’t say that about any other year.  I can see when I have written something and when I haven’t.  That is what will help me reach my goal of one screenplay finished this year.  This doesn’t have to be used for writing.  It can be used for painting, crafting, or practicing any task.  I recommend at least trying it.

By the way, if you’re reading this, where did you come from?  Also, thank you.  I feel less stupid knowing someone read something I’ve written.

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