Thirsty Thursday: Life Vision

My hunny and I decided that we are reading through the Bible together this year.  I’m pretty excited about it.  I can honestly say I’ve never done it before, and I am pretty sure there are some books in the Old Testament that I haven’t read.

The person who I relate to most in Genesis is Joseph.  God gives him a vision for his life in the form of two dreams.  God reveals to him that he will be in a position of power and his family will bow to him.  Then Joseph shares both dreams with his family.  That didn’t go over well.  His brothers, who already hated his guts, wanted to kill him.  His father scolded him.  Joseph was his father’s favorite, so Jacob had to be pretty displeased to scold his favorite son!  (Read about it in Genesis 37:1-11)

God has a plan for your life too, and He will reveal that vision to you.  “For I know the thoughts that I have toward you, says the LORD, plans of good and not evil, to give you a future and a hope,” Jeremiah 29:11.  Don’t be alarmed when other people look down on your vision or reject it.  Joseph’s closest family member, his father, rejected God’s plan for Joseph.  It doesn’t matter what other people say and think.  What matters is what you do with the vision God gives you.  You can follow it or reject it.  The decision is yours.

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