no money, mo’ problems or How I discovered I am a gadget snob

Look at me! A post on Monday, woo, woo!

Like everyone else in our country, my hunny and I are going through rough financial times.  We are doing our best to create savings and eliminate debt all while staying afloat… You know, basic living.  Hunny is working a soul sucking menial job he hates that barely pays anything.  Other than my relatively prestigious yet non-paying role of “trophy wife,” I am without employment that involves a salary.

Our cell phone contract is up this week (I can’t believe it has been two years already!), and we went to our cell phone company’s place of business to discuss our options a few weeks ago.  We were looking forward to our plan’s rate lowered, since we already have the smallest family plan you can get with the least amount of minutes & unlimited text.  This company is or WAS known for great service with reasonable rates.  To our dismay, we found out that not only did the rate stay the same, it actually went up because they don’t really sell phones that aren’t smart that need a $30/month service package. Or you could get the cheap service plan that is $10/month, which is still $20 a month more than what we are currently paying.  $20 a month that we don’t have to spend on our cell phones.  We have other bills, and my hunny enjoys eating at least three times a day. Go figure.

We left our cell phone service place dejected.  Fortunately, there’s a Target nearby so I was able to walk around my happy place.  We stopped by my parents’ house to discuss our options.  I suggested that I get a prepaid phone, and my parents proceed to show me the prepaid phone they got from the dollar store.  It was not as cute as my sister-in-law’s prepaid phone, but it was cheaper and had a ton of minutes.  As I held it in my hand and examined it, I was secretly judging this poor phone.  It’s a slider, but there’s only numbers on the other side.  The buttons looked enormous like the buttons on the phones specifically made for older individuals.  I can’t be seen with an old lady phone in public!  I’m a young, up and coming, trophy wife.  Not a gramma!

We went by my parents’ house yesterday to see my brothers who were visiting from another state.  I saw the phone on the counter, and it didn’t look that bad to me.  Somehow it got cuter over the weeks.  The buttons didn’t look any bigger than the ones on the phone that I have now.  I think after touring the cell phone place and deciding which beautiful new phone to get made the prepaid phone look terrible.  I think that’s why they make you wait.  There’s nothing else to do while you wait except walk up and down the phone displays.  Once you’ve already walked the walls, you have to walk them again because your name hasn’t been called; even though there are two other people in there, and you’re pretty sure they got there after you.  The third time you walk, you play with the phones.  Then you get attached to one.  It’s shiny and new and gets all these cool apps… You have to have it.  At that precise moment, your name gets called and all you want to do is talk about the phone you didn’t even know existed three hours ago.

We have to go back to renew our contract, and I don’t mind telling the lady who helped us that we can’t afford to have two phones with their rates.  I care more about being responsible with the present so that we can have a better future.  So what if I have an ugly prepaid phone!  My hunny and I are on our way to being debt free some day, and when that day comes, I can get any shiny phone I want!


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