Flirting for your Health or How a Spray Can of Air Killed My Hunny’s Game

I am not ashamed to admit that I get most of my news from the main Yahoo! page when I sign out of my email.  I don’t have cable and the antenna makes TV watching spotty at best.  Anyway, a title about flirting caught my eye, “Health Benefits to Flirting.”  I love psychology and weird stories, so this was an exciting find.  As we all know, flirting makes you feel confident and releases endorphins.  What I didn’t know is that flirting with someone in another car has a 30% chance of leading to a date!  Seriously?  Who is crazy enough to go on a date with a complete stranger who followed you in their car?  They followed you!  Hello.  That is not normal!  Please, please, if you are reading this, don’t be part of the 30%.  I would like you to read my future posts.

Flirting is supposed to be good for your health, but the way my hunny flirts, it doesn’t work that way for me.  I specifically told him not to spray me with the can of compressed air.  You know, the one that you use to clean your computer keyboard or stereo.  There’s a warning on the back of the can that misuse of the product can allow the freezing, flammable liquid to escape.  I felt the cold, then burning liquid on my butt and began to cry when the liquid fire burned my upper back.  I tried to hold back the tears when I told him I was in pain.  He did not believe me until he saw the red, blotchy, raised areas where he sprayed me.  In accordance with the directions on the can, I got in the shower and flushed the infected areas with lukewarm water.  I have sensitive skin to begin with and began to panic when the pain had not subsided.  My hunny rushed to Google for answers.  The 3M site said to wash the area with soap and water.  Soap and water is what eventually worked.  Later that same evening, my hunny wanted to cuddle.  I definitely was not feeling like it with a scorched back.  Flirting is supposed to reinforce and add spark to a relationship.  It totally backfired for me (no pun intended).


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