30 Days, 30 Movies {Day 1} Memorable Soundtrack – Saturday Night Fever

I’m starting this series off with a BANG. And by BANG, I mean Hunny and I had a fight over this movie. He yelled at me. I cried. It was awful.

Five minutes into Saturday Night Fever, John Travolta is in his underwear (yikes!). In the next five minutes, he goes to a strip club and the Lord’s name was taken in vain twice. Then I turned the movie off, all of which happened before the fight.

This movie was based on an article written in New York magazine by Nik Cohn, who in later years would confess that he made up the story about teens living hard and fast at the discotheque. The film was released in 1977 with an R rating. The film was cut in 1978 to have a PG rating. The film needed a PG rating in order for the teenagers who were buying the soundtrack to be able to view the movie. I watched the version that obviously was not PG.

The whole reason I wanted to see the movie was because I wanted to see the music in action. My brother is a fan of The Bee Gees and I am not a  stranger to this soundtrack. This soundtrack was the number one album for six years. It was the top selling album in history until its record was broken by Michael Jackson’s Thriller. Michael Jackson listened to the Saturday Night Fever soundtrack five times a day for two years before he started working on Thriller. Smart move.

Maybe one day I’ll be able to watch the PG version of Saturday Night Fever, but that day is not today. Here is sampling of the music for you. It does not include one of my favorite songs If I Can’t Have You, but the iconic song Staying Alive is at 16:40.


If you haven’t voted for what we’ll see the 30th, do it now!

If you’re worried about me and Hunny, don’t. He apologized and I forgave him.

Thirsty Thursday: Keep Swimming

The 5th & 6th graders needed someone to fill in for their teacher on Sunday morning & I volunteered. They didn’t remember what they were studying last week and the curriculum wasn’t in the room. I listened as they talked among themselves and found an in: MOVIES. I had them name a movie, summarize the plot in one sentence, and share how that relates to the real world, the Spiritual realm. At one point, they were talking all at once and one student quoted Finding Nemo, “Keep swimming, keep swimming, keep swimming.” I was unable to elaborate on that because it was someone else’s turn to speak and before long we were discussing outcasts.

I want to encourage you to keep doing what you’re doing.

There will be times in our lives when everything goes wrong. You pray about it, you keep being faithful, and things do not improve. Months go by. Years go by. Nothing seems to change. Hardship after hardship rain down on you. You feel like you cannot make it one more day.

You can.

You can do all things through Christ (Philippians 4:13).

You can overcome.

Do not give up doing good (Galatians 6:9).


People are watching. You can be living proof that God is bigger than our circumstances. You can be an example of faith. You can show someone else that God is worth trusting (HE IS!). God is using you through your circumstances. The people around you are getting a front row seat to God’s majesty. When good things finally come our way, you can proclaim God’s faithfulness. You can be living proof that God’s word never fails.

Don’t complain (Philippians 2:14).

Even when times are tough, you are being used by God, the Alpha and the Omega, to shape eternity. Eternity, people! How can we complain when we have such an important role that stretches from this life on into the next?

Keep trusting. Keep praying. Keep swimming.

Kind of a Big Deal (Four Years)

Today is a bittersweet day for me. Today is my fourth blogiversary. It is also the day my second son was due. On a side note, I find it hilarious that babies have a “due date” as if people were library books: This kid was due out yesterday, so you’ll owe us a thousand dollars, if he’s not out by tomorrow.

I started a blog four years ago about movies. I was really excited about it and posted it on my facebook page. Out of my hundreds of friends, two people read it, which really hurt my feelings. It also hurt my feelings when other people post their blogs and get almost 100 likes and the same amount of “I love this!” comments and I get nothing. Honestly, it still stings, which is why I don’t do facebook.

Since none of my “friends” read my blog, I thought I’d create a new one. One that I wouldn’t share with anyone. One that I wouldn’t post on facebook. One that I wouldn’t even tell Hunny about (that lasted a week, maybe two). I wanted to see if anyone would read what I wrote.

And you did.

Thank you.

I have stuck with this blog through Hunny losing two jobs, through health issues, through the Incident, and through wanting to give up. Unlike other blogs I follow, I do not have a book deal, an agent, or any opportunities outside this blog. Thank you for following me anyway. Thank you for reading.

My gift to you is another 30 Days, 30 Movies in September. This time you get to pick the final day’s movie! Choose wisely!

Act Break (Life Around the Corner)

We are nearing the fourth anniversary of Polite and (Paranoid). Other things are happening, too.

My Hunny is no longer semi employed. He has full time work! I am not excited about it this time because last time he got injured and they let him go. Even though I am happy for him, I am reserving my excitement for later.

A Nicholas Sparks movie is being filmed close to our area. An hour is close, since we live in the middle of No Man’s Land (That is not a complaint, just a description. I really enjoy No Man’s Land. I could use a Target closer than 45 minutes…). There’s a possibility that after my six year hiatus from a movie set, I’ll be back on one.

It is amazing to think about all the life I’ve lived in six short years. Becoming Mrs. Hunny was definitely the highlight. The Littles are my runners up. After them, writing this blog is definitely third. I’ve been able to share and grow. Many times, this has been my sole outlet for writing and my sole effort towards writing.

Yes, it is.

If I am chosen to be an extra, you’ll be the first to know.

Thirsty Thursday: The Lesson

Sometimes the lessons we think are for others are actually for us.

Cupcake disobeyed and had to be punished. We were in the car and I explained that when we were home, she would be punished. As we were approaching home, I felt like God wanted me to punish Hunny in her place.

Wow! What a great picture of what Jesus did for us on the cross! I thought.

Once home, I whispered to Hunny the plan and he loved it. Pointing people to Jesus is such a thrilling experience. Especially when you know that it is something out of the ordinary.

Cupcake understood that Hunny was receiving her punishment. She didn’t seem moved when Hunny explained that Jesus took our place on the cross. She did not seem effected at all. But that lesson wasn’t for her. It was for me.

It was excruciating to punish Hunny. He had done nothing wrong. Cupcake disobeyed. As he was being punished, I was torn up inside. Afterward, I just cried and cried. Punishing Hunny instead of Cupcake was a picture of what God went through when Jesus died on the cross. Because Jesus was the sacrifice, we always look at it from His perspective. He was beaten beyond recognition, He was flogged, He was spat upon, He had a crown of thorns hammered into His skull, and He was hammered into the cross. But what about God?

Imagine you’re at a trial. A criminal broke into your house, beat the person you love the most within an inch of their life, stole all your possessions, burned your house down, and left your beloved for dead in the burning house. The judge says this person is to be executed. You stand up. “Execute my beloved in their place.”

That isn’t the half of what the Maker of heaven and earth went through so that you could have the chance of an eternal life with Him and freedom. He went through the pain of losing a part of Himself for you.

God loves you.

He wants you.

He went through literal hell for you.

You are worth it to Him.

Thirsty Thursday: Generosity

I remember hearing this guy talk about how great it would be to be really rich because you could bless others with your wealth. I remember him saying that you could pay a $100 bill for the people behind you in line and tell the cashier to give the change to the people. At the time, I thought, Yeah! That would be awesome.

Now I think about it and laugh. Hunny and I are by no means in a good place financially. We’re not even on the rung to get to a bad place to be honest. But Hunny and I are generous with the little we do have. We give freely of the resources that God has given. Even though we don’t give a $100 bill to the cashier and pass on the change, we do pay for the people behind us in line. Every time we feel like we should do it, we always have enough money to pay. Obviously, God put it on our hearts to bless those people.

You may be like us and trying to stay afloat financially or you may be comfortable financially. You don’t have to give a $100 bill to a person in order to be generous. You just have to pay attention. Do you know someone who needs something? Do you know a new mom? She would love someone to do her dishes or her laundry. Do you know someone who has had a death in the family? They could use a nice evening out. Do you know someone who is discouraged about their job? He could use some encouragement. Kind words, smiles, and hugs (my favorite!) are free. You get to choose whether or not you’re going to give.

Old Movie (Old is a Relative Term)

I was talking with a few ladies and one of them referenced the movie RV. I mentioned that I hadn’t seen RV, to which she replied, “Oh, it’s an old movie.”

RV was made in 2006. It’s not even ten years old yet. The lady who referred to it as an “old” movie is twenty years older than I.

Hunny and I were talking to someone who said he was a movie buff. Hunny mentioned that we love film. He said, “I even love old movies from the 80’s and 90’s.”

When I refer to old movies, I’m talking about black and white movies from the 1930’s and 1940’s. But I guess I have a different view of film than other people. My mother is a huge Disney fan. Her family life wasn’t all that great growing up, but she said she loved seeing Walt Disney on Sundays on television. Because of the joy they brought, she raised her children on Disney films from her childhood. I watched movies from the 1960’s growing up. Movies from that time period aren’t old to me. According to my mother, the first two films our family owned were Cinderella (1950) and Pinocchio (1940).

In all seriousness, my definition of an old movie is way off base. Silent films are much older than the 1930’s and 40’s. Film began in the late 1800’s, so those films should be the “old” ones.

Do you think RV is an “old” movie or is Back to the Future an “old” movie? What is your definition of an “old” movie?

A Silent Film from 1927